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Aarogyam Female Profile

Aarogyam Female profile is a women's health checkup package that is specifically designed keeping in mind your requirements.

It is a Complete and Comprehensive full body checkup package to know Men's health status in-and-out comprising of 95 vital tests.

The package comprises of diabetes, pancreatic, electrolytes, Cardiac risk markers, Vitamin D, B12, Folate, Renal, Liver, CBC, most importantly hormonal checks.

Aarogyam Female profile

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Female profile

 Transferrin SaturationTotal Iron Binding Capacity (Tibc)Total Iron Binding Capacity (Tibc)

Iron Deficiency(3)%

Serum Alb/globulin RatioAlkaline PhosphataseBilirubin -directBilirubin (Indirect)Bilirubin - TotalGamma Glutamyl Transferase (Ggt)Protein and etc.

Liver (11)

And Many other Profile test.

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